Following the announcement of the 992 Cup car from Studio 397, we decided we want to do something with that car. Therefore, we will be reviving our Porsche Carrera Cup with a new format on Wednesday nights.

Drivers will be divided in 3 classes based on their licenses:

– PRO: Platinum & Gold
– SILVER: Silver
– AM: Bronze & White

The PRO class gets the car as-is, while the AM class will get Traction Control and ABS in exchange for a weight penalty. The SILVER class will get to choose either no aids or TC and ABS + weight penalty. This weight penalty will be determined through testing.

The regulations have been added to the GEM Sporting Regulations document. A brief summary:

– The general GEM regulations and driving conduct (Articles 1 – 17) apply
– Individual and Team classifications, standard FIA points
– 2x 20-minute races per round
– Custom liveries required, but we can provide a standard livery
– Starting procedures: Formation lap + standing start