For practical purposes, we are changing the driving aids rules. We have also determined the weight penalties that come with the benefits of the driving aids.

  • PRO remains as-is, no additional aids, no weight penalty
  • SILVER gets TC – limited to about 80-90% max – by default, no ABS, approx. 9 kg weight penalty
  • AM remains with full TC and ABS available, with a weight penalty of approx. 12 kg
2 thoughts on “Carrera Cup Regulations Change”
  1. please think about to remove the TC in AM class – this is the salt in the 992 Cup soup 😉

  2. We aim for inclusion for all skill levels and adding driving aids for the lower license classes makes this tricky car more accessible for less experienced drivers. On top of that, the Cup cars have TC and ABS for endurance races in real life too.

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