Lap 19 incident involving cars #113 and #621: No Further Action

Car #113 dove down the inside of car #621 into the chicane, resulting in multiple contacts with car #621, which eventually sent car #621 into a half spin. There was significant overlap by the time the #621 started turning in, giving the #113 the right to a car's width of space on the inside of turn 19. That space was given, but very marginally. The #113 went a bit wider through turn 19, but remained within the track limits. Slight contact was made, because the #621 had to turn in at some point. Prior to turn 20, the rear of the #621 had already stepped out, likely because they went on the throttle too early. This then caused contact between both cars again and that was what eventually sent the #621 into a half spin out of turn 20, losing 2 positions because of it. Neither car was fully to blame, therefore the decision is No Further Action.

The full decision document will be made available to the team managers after the race.