Warning for car #621

Offense: Rejoining the track in an unsafe manner
Lap Number: 71
Offending Driver: Arwyn Brock

Car #621 spun in Les Combes in difficult conditions and quickly reversed to get off the racing line. They then proceeded to rejoin the track while car #72 was approaching. While the stewards acknowledge that car #72 went onto the apex kerb of turn 9 in a reaction to the rejoin, the stewards also deem that the #72 was not impeded, nor was it required to take evasive action. Therefore, the rejoin was not deemed to be unsafe.

However, because the rejoin was risky and the stewards want to stress drivers should wait until the track is clear before rejoining, a Warning is imposed on car #621.

The full decision document will be made available to the team managers after the race.