55-second Time Penalty for car #77

Offense: Speeding under Code 80
Lap Number: 184
Offending Driver: Gergo Balogh

Car #77 crashed, causing a Code 80, which they did not adhere to for a solid 10 seconds, therefore a 10-second StopGo was imposed.

There was some confusion in race control with it being late in the race. The car disconnecting during the damage repair was seen as the car abandoning the final few minutes of the race, thus the original 10-second StopGo was converted to a grid penalty for next race, as is the usual procedure with penalties for cars that DNF. However, the car rejoined the race (which is only possible after disconnecting), completed the damage repairs and finished the race. Therefore, the penalty is again being converted to a time penalty, applied on the results of this race.

As such, the 10-place Grid Penalty for car #77 for Le Mans is hereby retracted.

The full decision document will be made available to the team managers after the race.