With the 100th anniversary of the very first Le Mans 24h in real life, we want to honour that during our “Le Mans Month”. On Friday, 9 June (the night before the start of the real life event), we will host two 1h20 races with full day-night cycle and in different eras of the greatest race on earth!

RACE 1: 1960s – Ford v Ferrari

The first race will take place in the era around the Christian Bale/Matt Damon blockbuster “Ford v Ferrari”. Taking the track and grid from 1967, courtesy of woochoo, you get a chance to experience the rockets that these and other manufacturers designed around a track that truly makes you feel like you’ve taken the DeLorean to travel back to Le Mans in the 60s. Whose side are you on? Ford or Ferrari?

RACE 2: 1980s – Group C

The second race revolves around what many agree was the best class that raced at Le Mans to date: Group C. We’re going back to 1984, but with a modern twist as we’ll be racing on the current layout of the track. You’ll have access to about two-third of the cars that raced in 1984, among which are the mighty Porsche 956, the Jaguar XJR-5 and the Mazda 727C. Can you keep Porsche from taking the win again? Or will you contribute to yet another dominant Porsche performance in the Group C era?

  • Track: Le Mans 24h (DLC; Studio 397)
  • Cars: GTPC (Steam Workshop; subscribe to all 9 car mods!)