This weekend, we are finishing the GES 22/23 season with the big season finale: the GEM Le Mans 24. Twenty-four hours of thrilling racing at the iconic Le Mans circuit and you can follow it all. Here’s how.

YouTube Broadcasts

The Main Qualifying session on Friday night and the Superpole Qualifying session on Saturday before the race are streamed live on our YouTube channel. These 2 streams will not feature commentary and will (mostly) be handled using an autocam plugin.

At 14:30 on Saturday, we will go live with an uninterrupted live broadcast of the race with live commentary almost all the way through. Only between 3AM and 8AM CEST during the night will we have no commentary.

Live Timing

Because the live timing solutions of LiveRacers and RaceView have proven buggy in the past, we have chosen to go with a solution we have more control over ourselves in case something doesn’t go the way we want to. Until we have a more permanent solution in place, hopefully for season 3, we will be streaming our live timing solution to YouTube as well.

Rewatching The Race

We have chosen to broadcast the race in full on a single stream. Because this exceeds YouTube’s 12-hour limit, it will not be available to rewatch immediately after the race. Instead, we are recording the stream during the broadcast and we will upload it in 3 parts early next week.