I’m happy to announce that the licence application process has opened again ahead of the Nürburgring 24H and season 3. The regulations have been overhauled, which you can find here (and an article about the changes will be published later this weekend), and so has the licence application process.

The regulations test is now an e-learning course on our website, which makes it easier to navigate and to see whether you passed or not. For us at the back-end, it is also easier to process them and to automate them in the future. For now, we still need to do it by hand though.

The requirements have been adjusted compared to last season. Instead of the 9 out of 12 questions correct, you now need to answer all 12 questions correctly. This change has been made because all of the 12 questions are vital information for you to know when you compete in our events. The test is easier than the previous test, as there’s only 1 true/false statement per question instead of the 2 statements per question last season. Just look up the answers in the rulebook instead of guessing the answers and you will be fine. If you do fail the test, you will be able to retake it an infinite amount of times until you pass.

When you passed the test, a White licence will be assigned once we have processed it. This will take between 1 and 5 days. Not satisfied with a White licence? Anyone can request a licence upgrade at any time using the Licence Upgrade Request form. This form is not online yet at the moment of publishing this article, but it will be soon. Remember that it is still at the discretion of the management which licence you get assigned.