The existing licences have now been updated, taking into account the results from season 2022/23 and (to a lesser extent) 2021/22.

The results – only from the GES and GEA – have been scored and weighed carefully to reflect a points system that is as fair as possible. There were a few very big leaps or drops, so we imposed a “only 1 licence up or down” rule, again to keep it as fair as possible.

Now, we have quite a lot of downgrades from Gold to Silver. The vast majority of these are NOT based on performance. We have increased the points threshold for Gold licences, because we don’t want Gold to become the biggest category. Also, because of the reduced requirements for the GES season 3, this won’t affect which cars you are allowed to drive.

Platinum licences

Just like last season, we have picked our most valuable drivers of the season and awarded them a special Platinum licence. The platinum licences of last season have been reverted to whatever licence they are awarded with the new scoring system. That’s mostly Gold, apart from a few that are now Silver.

The new platinum licenced drivers:

  • Arda Ercan
  • Bradley Sellars
  • Christian Malghera
  • Daniel Erstling
  • Gianluca Scalvini
  • Giuseppe Pastore
  • Kyran Parkin
  • Loïc Meunier
  • Lorenzo Arisi
  • Nic da Silva
  • Nicola Pastore
  • Rens Klop
  • Sven Geelhoed
  • Teun Louer
  • Thibaut Lenertz

Discord & Website Roles

The roles on Discord and our website will be adjusted to the new licences during the upcoming days. This will be a very demanding task though, so give us a few days to sort it all out.