With season 3 coming rapidly closer, we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone of the expected timeline of the signups for the championships.

Regulations Test / Licence Application

The updated licence application process has already gone live last weekend. You need to pass our regulations test, after which you are assigned a White licence. After being assigned a licence, you may request a higher licence by submitting your simracing resumé. Click on the button below for more information about the licence application process.

Season & Event Pass Subscriptions

To participate in either of the 3 series we offer, you can either purchase a single Event Pass or the full Season Pass. A reminder of the costs:

Season Pass€ 16.00
Global Endurance Series Event Pass€ 11.00
Global Endurance Cup Event Pass€ 1.80
Global Endurance GT Challenge Event Pass€ 7.00

You can upgrade from an Event Pass to a Season Pass or purchase an additional Event Pass at any time before or during the season if you wish to participate in additional series.

All proceeds go directly to covering the costs for our events, including the servers, website, broadcasts and much, much more. If anything is left after the season, we can either choose to host a special event that’s free of charge, or it can contribute to either prize funds or lower costs for season 3.

The Season and Event Passes will be available for purchase from Saturday, 1 July.

GES & GT Challenge Early Signup

Signup is free of charge for teams, but we have Team Passes available for teams that wish to contribute a bit more in exchange for some administrative and promotional benefits. One of those benefits is early signup.

Early signup for Premium Team Passes (€ 30) will open on Sunday, 9 July.

Early signup for Elite Team Passes (€ 50) will open on Saturday, 8 July.

Purchase of the Team Passes will be available during the signup process. The purchase must be completed in order to process the signup.

Regular Signup

And finally, regular signup for all teams, as well as the signups for the Global Endurance Cup will open on Monday, 10 July.