It is now possible to gift Season Passes or Event Passes to other users. Along with that, we have also enabled the upgrade path for Event Passes to a Season Pass. Last, but certainly not least, we now accept a wide variety of payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay and iDEAL thanks to our new payment processor Stripe.

To gift a Pass, simply go through the subscription process and check the box “This is a gift” before checkout. You will then be prompted to submit the receiving user’s name and email address. That user will receive a link at that email address, which they can use to redeem the Pass. IMPORTANT! The user still needs to have an assigned licence BEFORE they can redeem the coupon. This is not checked, so make sure you double-check this yourself. Gifted subscriptions are ineligible for a refund.

Season Pass Upgrades are available on the Pass Upgrades page. You must select the appropriate option for your Event Pass, as you will not be able to purchase the other options. It is also not possible to purchase an Upgrade if you already own a Season Pass. Gifting is currently not possible for Upgrades.

We now accept a wider variety of payment options, like Apple Pay, iDEAL and SEPA, depending on the region you’re in. These are processed by our payment partner Stripe. Meanwhile, we keep supporting PayPal for those who wish to use their existing PayPal account.