With less than 2 weeks to go until the signup deadline for the GES and GT Challenge, allow us to update you on the current situation.

In the GES, we have 23 cars entered with another 8 entries in the works. That means there is still room, but it’s getting limited. Not counting the 8 pending entries, there are only 3 spots left in LMP2. We have room for 6 more in LMP1 and 14 in GT3. If a class is full when you want to sign up, you will be contacted with the choice between switching to a class that still has room or being placed on the reserve list, pending other signups. If another class isn’t full and we can maintain a good GT-prototype balance, you can still end up on the main entry list.

For the GT Challenge and GEC, signups are lacking at the moment. I’d like to take this opportunity to ask any teams who are “playing the waiting game” to get signed up. Your drivers will be able to purchase season or event passes closer to the deadline, when it’s clear whether either series will go ahead.

The GT Challenge will get cancelled if we don’t get at least 20 entries. If that happens, we will come up with alternatives to make it worthwhile to the drivers who bought season passes. They will get a vote in the events and short format series we’ll be hosting instead.

The GEC will most likely change to GT4 only if we don’t get at least 20 entries split relatively evenly between both classes. We’ll avoid cancelling this series at all costs, unless we don’t get any additional entries. The GEC is by far the easiest path to get a licence upgrade, so I’d like to encourage especially our White-licenced drivers to join us on the GEC grid. If you are consistent and show good spacial awareness and race craft, you’ll get up to Bronze in no-time.