Drivethrough Penalty for car #91

Offense: Causing a collision
Lap: 47
Driver: Christian Michel

Car #91 overtook car #777 through turn 3 and made contact with car #777 on the exit. Car #777 did not make any unpredictable moves but stayed on the racing line. Car #91 did not do everything in its power to make the overtake safely.

Because it is deemed a misjudgement on the position of the GT3 car, the stewards do not regard this reckless and it is definitely not major contact, so a drivethrough penalty is imposed.

The reason this is penalised as causing a collision and the incident between cars #46 and #73 is avoidable contact (thus a warning), is because this happened on the exit of the corner and the other incident was on the apex at much lower speeds and therefore the probability of a big incident was much lower.