Lap 21 incident involving cars #20 and #46: No Further Action

Car #20 spun on the apex of turn 15 and was sideways on the racing line facing the apex. They quickly moved forward to get off the racing line, when car #46 tried to pass them on the inside of the corner. That gap disappeared, causing the cars to collide.

We have seen this type of incidents before and have set the precedence that when a car is sideways on the racing line, it’s natural to want to move off the racing line as soon as possible. Then it becomes a matter of both cars coincidentally choosing the same direction, at which point it’s an unavoidable collision. Therefore, these type of incidents are going to be No Further Action unless there is a clear “wrong” move from one of the cars (i.e. the LMP2 colliding with the stationary LMP1 in Bahrain).