Under certain conditions, you can request a licence upgrade. To do this, submit the “Upgrade Request” form on this website and include at least 3 relevant sim racing results for Bronze and at least 5 for Silver or higher. Be aware that compared to last season, the licences are a lot more based on performance within Global Endurance and that we rarely assign Gold licences to people who have not raced with us in the past year (or at all).

It is still at full discretion of the management which licence you get assigned. If your licence changes, you will be notified automatically by email.

It can take up to 5 days to assign your licence and can be longer around race weekends.

Don’t have the right experience for the upgrade you want? Keep driving in our events, especially the Global Endurance Cup, and – based on your performance in those races – your licence might be eligible for an upgrade soon. Don’t keep asking for an upgrade though. This process is natural and ensures that everyone is in the right place concerning their licence and which cars they’re allowed to drive.

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