Join our Team

At Global Endurance, we are constantly looking for people who want to join our team. Everyone is welcome, as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort your role requires. Experience is nice but not a requirement at all.

If you’re interested in any of the roles below or if you have a different proposition, feel free to DM Danny de Haas through our Discord server.


In the GES, you’ll help the race director monitor the race, looking for any safety issues and incidents. When you witness an incident or a team submits an Incident Review Request, you’ll review the incident using our guidelines and come up with a decision together with the other stewards.

For other races and series, as well as the post-race investigations for the GES, the race director will post clips of incidents on Discord with a proposed decision, after which you can chip in with your view of the incident and what you think the decision should be (in line with the regulations and guidelines of course).

GES races are roughly once a month and post-race investigations for all races usually take place 1 or 2 days after each race.


  • Own a copy of rFactor 2 on Steam
  • A stable network connection that allows you to connect to rF2 servers
  • A microphone, so you can talk to the other stewards and the race director during the race
  • Ability to work with our regulations, stewarding guidelines and our decision flowchart

Broadcast Team

We are always looking to reinforce our pool of broadcasters. Your role will consist of providing commentary, but also controlling the stream from time to time. No experience required, just your passion for racing and the ability to talk about it for about 2 hours with a co-commentator.

We have a dedicated broadcast machine that can be controlled remotely through 2 simple web interfaces.


  • A decent microphone
  • Earbuds or a headset (so we don’t get echo from your speakers)
  • A decent internet connection

Social Media Manager

We are in need of a volunteer who will focus on our social media, posting regularly on Instagram and doing short videos for YouTube Shorts and Instagram reels. Ideally, they would also be available on race days, posting regular status updates and making and posting highlights clips. That’s all to be discussed though, any help we can get on this front is very much appreciated.


  • Ability to run rFactor 2 on decent to high settings for picture quality
  • (Optional) Ability to create and edit graphics (we have several PSD templates available, but you have the freedom to create your own graphics for our social as well)
  • Availability to create and post regularly (1-2x a week) and preferably on race days as well (not all, but the majority would be nice).