Global Endurance Licence

To participate in any Global Endurance event, you need to apply for a Global Endurance Licence first. You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Pass our Regulations Test with a score of 100% (12 out of 12 correctly answered). You can try again until you pass.
  2. Wait for the Management to process your standard White licence. It is processed manually within 5 days of passing the Regulations Test.
  3. (Optionally) AFTER getting a White licence assigned, you can apply for a licence upgrade by submitting your simracing resum√©. If you don’t perform step 2, a White licence will be assigned after passing the regulations test. You can perform step 3 at any point to apply for a higher licence.
  4. Join an existing team, enter a new team or enter the GEC by yourself and start racing!