Frequently Asked Questions

  • Signups
  • How do I sign up my team for an event or series?

    First, make sure all drivers for your entry have been assigned a valid licence and have a valid Season Pass or Event Pass. Signing up with drivers without a valid licence will get the signup rejected straightaway. Signups with drivers who don’t own a valid Pass are placed on hold until they do.

    If you want to, you can purchase a Team Pass to unlock additional administrative and promotional benefits. Team Passes are valid for 1 entry. Check the email you received after purchasing the pass for the transaction number. You’ll need to submit that number in the signup form.

    Head over to the event page and click on “Register For Event” on the right-hand side (or towards the bottom of the page if you’re on mobile). You will either see a registration form there or a link to a separate signup form. Fill in the form, providing all of the required information. You can find the driver IDs on the Licence Overview page.

  • We signed up, but now we want to change cars.

    Because it’s a lot of work behind the scenes to allow teams to change cars, this is not allowed. At the moment, we still have to process everything manually, which means we need to take these measures to keep everything doable for our team.

  • I signed up, but don't see my car on the entry list. Why?

    All signups are processed manually to ensure they adhere to the requirements and regulations. This can take up to a week, as we all do this voluntarily next to our day jobs.

    Especially for our bigger series like the Global Endurance Series, there are multiple factors to take into account for the final entry list, like the “perfect attendee” status from the previous season, but also redeemed team passes, champions and former champions, previous participations, conduct and attendance as well as the lineup strength. Because this is such a complicated process, the final entry list will be published only after signups have closed. We may publish a list of signed up teams, but this is NOT a confirmation that you’re admitted into the series.

    Please do not ask for updates, but allow us to do our jobs and publish the entry lists once everything is sorted.

  • When do signups start?

    Regular signup for season 3 (GES, GEC and GT Challenge) starts on Monday, 10 July 2023. It’s expected to go live around 12:00 PM (CEST).

    Early signup for the Elite Team Pass owners starts on Saturday, 8 July 2023, also around 12:00 PM (CEST).

    Early signup for the Premium Team Pass owners start on Sunday, 9 July 2023, also around 12:00 PM (CEST).

  • For Managers
  • We signed up, but now we want to change cars.

    Because it’s a lot of work behind the scenes to allow teams to change cars, this is not allowed. At the moment, we still have to process everything manually, which means we need to take these measures to keep everything doable for our team.

  • For Drivers
  • How do I install the required content for the series I'm entered in?

    For all series, we provide a list of required content on the event page on the website.

    1. Make sure you have installed all of the used DLC content and make sure you own the DLC tracks and the car you’re driving.
    2. Find the server-information channel for your series on our Discord. This contains a link to the skin pack we provide. The skin pack is not publicly available and not listed in the public Steam Workshop, so you need the link to subscribe to it. Make sure you subscribe to all content that’s listed as required for that skin pack. You’ll be prompted to do so when you click subscribe for the skin pack.

    rFactor 2 can be temperamental when it comes to the order in which you try to install content. Trying to install an update for content that is not installed yet can block the installation of the main content. The solution for that issue is to unsubscribe from the skin pack only, then start the game to allow everything else to install properly, then subscribe to the skin pack again and restart the game to let that install.

  • How do I connect to the server?

    For the practice servers, use the server name and password in the server-information channel for your series on Discord to find and connect to the server using the in-game multiplayer menu.

    For the race servers, we provide 2 links in the server-information channel on Discord: one for use with the game closed and one for use with the game opened. We recommend using the “Game Closed” link, unless you use VR. If you race in VR, start everything normally until you’re on the main menu in-game, then use the “Game Opened” link to connect to the server. Ignore the browser window that pops up, but go back into the game and you’ll see the prompt to either “Drive” or “Spectate”. Click the appropriate option, if you clicked “Drive”, select your car and you will load into the server as usual.

  • Season, Event & Team Pass
  • Why do I need to pay for a Season or Event Pass to drive in your events?

    Hosting events costs money. It’s really as simple as that. We don’t have any paid sponsorship deals (yet) and continuous investments from Danny are simply not sustainable, so the money has to come from somewhere. With 190+ hours of racing offered in season 3, it’s only fair for all drivers to chip in.

  • How do I buy a Team Pass and what benefits do I get?

    You can buy a team pass from our Team Pass page. The process is the same as for Season and Event Passes. Team Passes are only valid for a single entry, so if you want these benefits for multiple entries, you need to purchase multiple Team Passes.

    With a Premium Team Pass, you get 24-hour early signup and 3 livery changes allowed throughout the season.

    With an Elite Team Pass, you get 48-hour early signup, an additional 2 livery changes (so a total of 5) and promotional benefits in the form of priority to be featured on our social media, as well as being featured in the broadcast graphics (the top right logo slideshow) and regularly on the trackside banners.

  • How can I pay for my Season Pass or Event Pass?

    The only payment processor we offer at the moment is PayPal. You can pay by credit card, using your PayPal balance or with a bank account that is linked to your PayPal. The available options may vary per region.

    Your orders are processed and your pass will become active as soon as your payment has been received. Be aware that it may take a few days for PayPal to process the payment, especially when you use a linked bank account.

    We may offer Stripe (allowing options as iDEAL and bank transfer) as alternative in the future, but our application is still waiting for approval, so we have no information on this as of yet. Therefore, we cannot guarantee this will be a payment option anytime soon, especially since we also want to test any new integrations thoroughly before they go live in order to avoid issues with your payments.

  • What happens with the money from the Season and Event Passes?

    All proceeds go into covering the costs for hosting the series and events. Stuff like servers, the website, broadcasts, automations and further development of web utilities and features all cost a considerable amount of money, which up until this season largely came out of Danny’s pocket. That’s not sustainable though, which is why we chose for the option of Season Passes. The Event Passes are a way to get a discount if you only wish to participate in a certain series.

    But what if any money is left over?

    Great! That means we can either do a special event for free or lower the cost of the passes next season.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Season Passes are not refunded. Event and Team Passes are refunded if the driver or entry does not acquire a spot in the event.

    Be aware that – in the case of Event Passes – acquiring a spot in the event is not based on a single round, but on the full championship.

    To request a refund, send an official request with explanation to After approval, your refund will be processed within 30 days.

  • Licences
  • How do I get a licence?

    Step 1: Create an account on this website by using our Discord login option. This links your account to your Discord account, allowing us to identify you on both platforms.

    Step 2: Go to “Account” in the menu bar of the website and make sure to enter your full name and your country/nationality.

    Step 3: Join our Events Discord server from the menu bar on the website and make sure your nickname on the server is your full name as entered in step 2 above.

    Step 4: Head over to the “Regulations Test” page on this website and enroll in the course. Complete the course by taking and passing the regulations test (100% score) and then make sure you finish the course entirely so we get access to your results in order to assign your licence. You will be notified by email when your licence has been assigned.

  • I applied for a licence but it isn't assigned yet

    Licences are assigned manually, so we can check whether you have fulfilled all of the requirements. It can take up to 5 days to assign your licence and this can be longer around race weekends.

  • Can I get a better licence?

    Under certain conditions, you can request a licence upgrade. To do this, submit the “Upgrade Request” form on this website and include at least 3 relevant sim racing results for Bronze and at least 5 for Silver or higher. Be aware that compared to last season, the licences are a lot more based on performance within Global Endurance and that we rarely assign Gold licences to people who have not raced with us in the past year (or at all).

    It is still at full discretion of the management which licence you get assigned. If your licence changes, you will be notified automatically by email.

    It can take up to 5 days to assign your licence and can be longer around race weekends.

    Don’t have the right experience for the upgrade you want? Keep driving in our events, especially the Global Endurance Cup, and – based on your performance in those races – your licence might be eligible for an upgrade soon. Don’t keep asking for an upgrade though. This process is natural and ensures that everyone is in the right place concerning their licence and which cars they’re allowed to drive.

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  • Do I need to buy a Team Pass?

    No, Team Passes are completely optional to unlock additional benefits (administrative and promotional). Teams can sign up free of charge when the regular signup starts. The drivers are required to have purchased a valid Season Pass or Event Pass, before your entry will be processed.